Soccer in the Dominican Republic

Sports, such as soccer, play a vital role in the development of a healthy and flourishing society. A society whose members, especially the young ones, play sports and are passionate about it is bound to have lower crime rate, and a healthier and fit populace. It’s the job and responsibility of the government to provide its people with proper sports grounds and facilities. The Dominican government has taken many steps along with FIFA, the international soccer regulatory authority, for the betterment of the sport in the country. With more than dozen projects presented and approved, the future of soccer is very bright in the Dominican Republic.


In 2001, the national soccer association got approval for one of its core objectives which was the construction and development of a soccer training complex in San Cristobel, a region just outside the capital of the country. Completed in 2012, the complex includes residential quarters, medical centers, and several soccer arenas where young players can train and polish their soccer skills. Baseball is Dominicans favorite sport but with recent developments and success, soccer is slowly making its way to dethrone baseball as the most popular sport in the country. More and more youngsters are slowly are getting attracted by the beautiful global game that is soccer which is a good sign for the country’s future in soccer.

Raul de Tomas

Dominicans do have the talent and skill required to play soccer at an international level. As the 22 year old, Raúl de Tomás has proved three years ago by being the first ever Dominican born player to start a game for the first team of Real Madrid. Raúl de Tomás has this amazing ability to score goals which is why he was promoted to join the soccer club Castilla where was coached by the legendary soccer player, Zinedine Zidane in the season 2012-2013. He has both the speed and the technique required for a great striker and he can be a vital asset for any professional high-level team around the world. Raúl de Tomás soccer cleats are extremely popular among avid soccer fans as they are the finest piece of soccer equipment available in the market. You can read more about soccer cleats from here

Raúl de Tomás’s success abroad is a sign that the Dominican Republic can do a lot better than its current world ranking of 120+ in the international soccer ratings. All that needs to be done is a little investment in the local sports body and talent hunts to be conducted so that the Dominican Republic can put together a soccer team that can uplift the whole nation’s stature in the soccer world. The creation of a local soccer league was a huge step in the right direction, the Liga Dominicana de soccer, is a professional soccer league which features ten teams from seven Dominican Republic cities.

Although baby steps have already been taken in the right direction, FIFA and the Dominican republic can do a lot more to explore the soccer talent within the great country. Young Dominican players like Raúl de Tomás are teeming with talent and passion, all they need is a little exposure at the international level. Surely, there are lot more talent in the country which can only be unearthed if there is proper mechanism that promotes and nurtures soccer talent within the country.